Code Of Conduct Manners are the simplest and best attire; they never go out of style.

What we do now echoes in eternity.
―Marcus Aurelius (26 April 121 – 17 March 180)

The Forge’s Code of Conduct governs individual conduct; its goal is to ensure each member is provided with a comfortable training experience. The following provisions are not exhaustive and may be amended from time to time as the need arises.

1. The Forge is a place of respect; it is a nondiscriminatory training space for its members.

    1. Discrimination and harassment—on the basis of race, colour, age, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, religion, national origin, alienage or citizenship status, creed, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, or any other basis prohibited by law—are not tolerated.
    2. Offensive or aggressive behaviour that makes others feel uncomfortable is not welcome.
    3. Personal space must be respected at all times.
    4. Hovering or rushing other members while they are training is not permitted.
    5. Members should allow for the fair use of equipment and training space.
    6. Coaching, unless otherwise asked for, is not encouraged.
    7. Shouting, excessive grunting, and vulgar language is not permitted in The Forge.

2. High standards of personal care and hygiene should be maintained.

    1. Members are encouraged to wear clothes that permit training with confidence. Excessively baggy clothes that might snag in machine parts as well as overly revealing clothing is to be avoided. Members must be fully clothed at all times; partial or total nudity are not permitted.
    2. Toe-covering shoes must be worn at all times. Slippers, sandals, gumboots, and work boots should not be worn in the gym.
    3. The use of deodorant is encouraged.
    4. Sweat towels are essential. Surfaces that have been exposed to sweat must be wiped down.
    5. All members should arrive at The Forge in good health and be able to successfully complete their training session free from the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances.
    6. Injured members, or those still in physical rehabilitation, are advised to seek medical treatment prior to training.

3. The Forge is entered and used at each member’s own risk.

    1. Excessively heavy weights that cannot be put down safely should not be picked up—dropping weights should be avoided.
    2. After use, equipment must be returned to its original place for the next user.
    3. When in doubt, members are encouraged to ask The Forge’s staff about how to properly use particular equipment or apparatuses.

4. The Forge is an analogue place designed for focused and disciplined exercise.

    1. Workouts should not be unnecessarily extended with needless distractions—arrive, setup, train, push on and through, and then rest.
    2. Phones are to be used when playing music or consulting a training program.

5. The Forge’s curated aural soundscape is a crucial component of its gym experience.

    1. The aural soundscape is selected for its ability to motivate, inspire, and generate rhythm and movement for exercise. The volume of the soundscape is carefully controlled to suit the The Forge’s material design and create a good ambiance, as such it should not be tampered with.
    2. Members may not operate The Forge’s sound equipment.
    3. Members must use earphones and headphones to listen to their own music.

6. The Forge is an exclusive training facility that provides its members with a private space in which to pursue their fitness goals.

    1. Non-members or visitors may not be brought to The Forge.
    2. Photography of the interior space or other members is not allowed without prior permission.
    3. Members’ personal details should be treated with the utmost confidentiality and may not be shared.

7. The Forge is a space for adults; it is not child or pet-friendly.

  1. Children and pets are not permitted in The Forge.

8. The Forge is spartan in design and in its ethos.

    1. The facility is a non-smoking and alcohol-free zone.
    2. Only liquid drinks are permitted in the gym. Care should be taken with bottles to avoid spillage.
    3. Non-liquid food should be consumed in the outside seating area.
    4. Showers must be kept short.
    5. Neatness, of person and space, is highly prized.
    6. What is not needed for training should be left at home, in one’s car, or in the provided lockers.
    7. Wi-Fi access is provided exclusively to The Forge’s members and can be accessed using the details provided on their Forge Passes. Internet access can be used to stream music for personal use or to view training materials.

9. Certain portions of The Forge are are subject to access limitations.

    1. Members are not allowed in The Forge’s office or storeroom.
      Members may not store their personal food stuffs in the fridge.
      Personal items may not be stored in The Forge’s lockers overnight.