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What is The Forge?
The Forge is a gym founded by Rémy Ngamije. Conceptualised as a fitness club, and grounded in Stoic philosophy, it provides its members with an exclusive space in which to discover themselves through exercise and constantly pushing to new heights of fitness and health.
What is Stoicism?
Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy founded by Zeno of Citium in Athens in the early 3rd century BC. It focuses on eudemonia (“the cultivation of a good spirit”). Stoics believe an ethical life in which the cardinal virtues—prudence (wisdom), justice, fortitude (courage), and temperance—are practiced will lead to possessing a good spirit and living in accordance with nature. These cardinal values have been interpreted to inform The Forge’s operational standards and training culture.

For over 2000 years, Stoicism has been admired for its ability to empower the individual to confront and overcome adversity; to cherish and enjoy the present and not live in fear of the future; to treat everyone with kindness and respect; and to be courageous in the face of injustice. Prominent Stoic philosophers include Cleanthes, Chrysippus, Diogenes of Babylon, Antipater of Tarsus, Cato the Younger, Panaetius, Posidonius, Seneca The Younger, Musonius Rufus, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. More information about Stoicism can be found at the following online sources:

How do I become a member of The Forge?
To join The Forge, one must apply for membership and be allocated a Forge Pass. Passes are limited. They are non-transferable (they cannot be sold or leased). Each Forge member is allocated a specific Pass that is recorded in the Forge Chain, a carefully maintained membership roster.

Once Forge Passes have been fully allocated, prospective members join a waiting list for a Pass to become available. If any vacancies in the Forge Chain occur, Passes are allocated to suitable potential members on a first-come, first-served basis.

How does The Forge assess a potential member's suitability?
This is a relatively simple test: prospective members easily resonate with The Forge’s values—strength and honour; temperance and focus; discipline and respect; and perseverance and hope—and have a healthy interest in fitness.
Does the Forge have off-peak or short-term membership contracts?
Does The Forge have day passes?
What are The Forge’s business hours?
The Forge is open from Mondays to Fridays from 05h30 to 20h00 and on Saturdays from 08h00 to 13h00. It is open on select public holidays with operational hours on such days being communicated to members.
Does The Forge have personal trainers?
The Forge has fitness concierges who are able to guide each member to their specific fitness goal by developing individual workouts that derive maximum benefits from training programs. The fitness concierges coach and supervise movements to prevent injury and provide useful and empowering knowledge about exercising, nutrition, and motivation.

More than personal trainers, fitness concierges are the embodiment of The Forge’s values and ensure training sessions are focused, sufficiently intense, and equally rewarding. There are no additional fees for working with a fitness concierge; all members, regardless of training experience, have access to them.

The Forge’s ultimate goal is to foster independent training; only in this way can dedication to fitness and health be nurtured by an individual. In addition to fitness concierges, extra training resources are made available to members through The Verve—The Forge’s official blog.

I am a personal trainer. Can I rent space from The Forge in which to train my clients?
How does The Forge maintain an atmosphere of respect?
The Forge’s members are governed by the Code of Conduct.
Can I bring a friend to The Forge to train with me?
Are there child-care facilities at The Forge?
Are pets allowed on the premises?
Is there enough secure parking?
Yes. On-street parking is available on Bell, Julius K. Nyerere, and Macadam Streets nearby. Courtyard parking is also available in The Old Paint Factory, however, it is subject to access restrictions during particular hours on certain days.
I am looking for a dietician, physiotherapist, or sports massage practitioner. Can The Forge be of assistance?
Yes. The Forge can recommend registered dieticians, physiotherapists, and sports masseuses.
I came across The Forge’s website and I am interested in reading a locked article on The Verve. How can I access the article?
Locked articles on The Verve can only be accessed by Forge members.
Does The Forge have merchandise or apparel?
Yes. An online store is forthcoming. Early access will be given to members in possession of a Forge Pass.