Join Secure your exclusive and limited membership and train with passionate fitness enthusiasts.

The Forge’s members are an eclectic collection of creeds, colours, professions, athletic disciplines, and training interests. They are held together by a passion for exercise and health. High regard is held for everyone’s fitness goals, personal space, and privacy.

To train at the Forge, one must be in possession of a Forge Pass; this is a limited and non-transferable membership. Each member is allocated a specific Pass that is recorded in the Forge Chain, a carefully maintained membership roster.

Once Forge Passes have been fully allocated, prospective members join a waiting list for a Pass to become available. If any vacancies in the Forge Chain occur, Passes are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Forge Passes unlock select content on The Verve, The Forge’s official blog, and allows early-access to exclusive forthcoming Forge merchandise and apparel. Forge Fire, a forthcoming Android and iOS app, can be unlocked with a Forge Pass. Forge Passes also provide access to supporting services such as a registered dietician, physiotherapist, and sports masseuse.

Each Forge Pass is serviced by a monthly fee of NAD875.00 and is valid for a year. The monthly fee includes:

  • a fitness concierge (personal trainer) who is available to work with members to develop training programs, supervise workouts, and provide motivation;
  • access to the gym at any time during operational hours;
  • bi-weekly boxing classes taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17h30 to 19h30;
  • three group training sessions held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 05h30 to 06h30; and,
  • one dance/rhythm-based fitness class hosted on Saturday mornings from 10h00.


Each member’s Forge Pass bears the name of a star, a guiding symbol of a distant goal that cannot be achieved without hard work and resilience and proving, as Seneca said, that “there is no easy way from the earth to the stars.”

This Forge name is engraved on a special pendant that is bestowed on each member after they display the Forge’s founding values: strength and honour, temperance and focus, discipline and respect, and perseverance and hope.


Arcturus • Alcyone • Asterope • Atik • Atlas • Betelgeuse • Canopus • Capella • Electra • Felis • Flegetonte • Formosa • Karaka • Kitalpha • La Superba • Libertas • Maia • Meridiana • Merope • Mimosa • Montuno • Musica • Nembus • Pleione • Polaris • Pollux • Procyon • Proxima Centauri • Rasalas • Rasalagethi • Rastaban • Sāmaya • Sirius • Sheratan • Solaris • Sterrennacht • Uruk • Vega • Veritate

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