Morning Stars Group training classes for those committed to rising and shining.

Hosted every morning from 05h30 to 06h30, these group training classes are perfect for fitness practitioners who want to jump-start their morning with rewarding workouts that set the tone for the rest of the day.

The Morning Stars training sessions are:

  • calibrated to accommodate fitness practitioners of all levels;
  • great for people who prefer working out in groups;
  • varied, dynamic, and combine indoor and outdoor workouts;
  • programmed to provide overall fitness by using individual strengths to improve on weaknesses; and,
  • fun, lighthearted, and supportive.

Each session comprises an assortment of machine-based and free-weight weightlifting, functional, calisthenics, HIIT, or cardio exercises that are configured in interesting combinations thereof to provide challenging workouts that improve strength, stamina, mobility, and flexibility.