Greatest Hits Boxing Knockout fitness for boxing enthusiasts of all levels.

Boxing is one of the world’s oldest combat sports; it has long been used to teach the art of striking and defending. Today, it recognised as one of the best sports for:

  • providing challenging and rewarding full-body workouts;
  • boosting cardiovascular health and lowering blood pressure;
  • enhancing muscle tone and fueling weight loss;
  • improving balance and coordination;
  • strengthening bones and joints;
  • sharpening focus, reflexes, and reaction time;
  • helping to relieve stress;
  • teaching discipline and dedication; and,
  • providing varied workout regimens that stimulate the body and the mind.

The Forge’s Greatest Hits Boxing classes are open to fitness practitioners of all levels and prioritise fitness (not sparring) and use an assortment of heavy bags, focus mitts, noodles, and other aides for striking in lieu of physical contact which can lead to injury. Each class typically includes movement, footwork, and punching drills; a workout to strengthen and condition the body; and a deep stretching session to help the body with recovery and repair.

  • Dates and times: every Tuesday and Thursday from 17h30 to 19h30.
  • Cost: free for Forge members • NAD600.00 per person, per month for non-Forge members • NAD150.00 per person for drop-in classes.

Please note: each practitioner is required to bring their own hand wraps and boxing gloves.