Strength Looks Like… Many things.

What does strength look like?

Maybe it is:

  • a bar-bending deadlift, back squat, or bench press;
  • shifting and lifting a satisfyingly heavy dumbbell for multiple reps;
picking up and slamming the heaviest ball without pause;
  • flipping tyres as though they are patties (or dragging them better than the most scandalous drama);
  • progressing from the machines, to the free weights, and then to compound lifting;
  • going from a pull-up to a muscle-up;
  • hitting the mitts like a title bout is on the horizon;
  • engaging, warming up, burning, and shredding the core on a regular basis; or
  • completing a thousand-rep challenge without breaking a sweat.

Strength is all of these things things.

But it could also be:

  • not hitting the snooze button;
doing a little today so more can be done tomorrow;
  • not running away from personal or professional disappointments;
not being discouraged by temporary setbacks;
  • showing up (no matter the season or weather);
  • starting—the first day is always the hardest; or
  • continuing—because the only easy day was yesterday.

Strength looks like many things.

But mostly it looks like: trying—again and again.

Rémy Ngamije is an award-winning Rwandan-born Namibian author, editor, publisher, photographer, literary educator, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of The Forge.